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    To Volunteers

    Those who wish to take part in clinical studies are told about the aim of the project, about what will happen in the course of its realization, about risks and benefit from participation, provide information on the studied medicine.
    Participation in the clinical study is voluntary during the whole period.

    Advantages for you:

    • Free medical examination;
    • Observation by professional research doctors;
    • Adequate payment for participation in the study;

    Conditions of the stay of volunteers:

    • Round-the-clock medical observation and round-the-clock security post
    • Comfortable wards
    • Balanced nutrition
    • WC with shower
    • Rest area
    • TV set
    • Parking
    • WI-FI

    You can register for participation in the study by phone or by filling…

    Main questions

    What is informed consent?

    The volunteer is informed about all aspects of the clinical study, its methods, aims and procedures to be taken, duration of the study, use and possible risks.
    After careful study of this information, the volunteer gives consent to participation in the study, signs a special document, a Form of Informed Consent.

    Who can participate in the clinical study?

    Each particular study requires volunteers that comply with certain parameters (inclusion/exclusion criteria): age, current state of health, etc.
    How is the clinical study with participation of volunteers conducted?

    After a detailed discussion of the clinical study and signing the form of informed consent, the volunteer undergoes a medical examination, after which the study participant receives the necessary instructions and recommendations. Participation in the study involves strict compliance with the protocol whose conditions will be presented to the volunteer by the studying physician.

      You have questions? We can call absolutely for free!