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BESSALAR clinic is a modern medical center located in the north-west of Moscow.

The clinic has the following structural units:
• Doctors’ surgeries
• Procedure room
• Intensive care unit
• Patient wards
• Laboratory (express laboratory for cito and pre-analytical blood treatment)
• Staffroom
• Food unit
• Relaxation area (WI-FI, TV set)
• WC with shower
• Sanitary and technical premises
• Archive

We have modern medical equipment to conduct clinical research:

• 12-lead ECG
• Respiratory function devices
• Daily blood pressure monitors
• Holter monitors
• Lung ventilator
• Defibrillator
• Infusion pumps
• Equipment for pulse oxymetry
• Oxygen concentrator with convertor
• Electric suction machine
• Monitors for constant patient observation
• Centrifuges with cooling
• Freezing chambers (from -200С to + -800С);
• Refrigerating chambers (from +20С to + +80С);
• Clock with time synchronization function
• Individual personnel call buttons
• Back-up power supply unit
• Laboratory equipment for pre-analytical processing of biosamples
• Cito laboratory analyzers
• Video monitoring, video registration

You have questions? We can call absolutely for free!