"Bessalar" Clinic

Modern medical center accredited for conducting clinical trials in Russia.

The clinic specializes in all phases of medicines research, including bioequivalence studies.

The clinic employs are highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in clinical medical practice and clinical trials.

Developed infrastructure, modern equipment, comfortable environment for patients and volunteers in the hospital and outpatient clinic.

Our business
"Bessalar" Clinic recognizes the social responsibility as high priority and makes every effort to improve high-quality and accessible health care system in Russia.

Clinic "Bessalar" conducts research on behalf of the world's largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Clinical research assess the efficacy and safety of the drug.

The clinical study is the only way to prove safety and efficacy of any new drug.

We help people in solving health problems and care for the comfort of everyone who turns to us for help.

We are ready to solve any problems of our patients and clients quick and efficient.

"Bessalar" Clinic always follows the principles of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM).

Our top priority is safety of study participants.

All clinical studies are conducted in compliance with the specific international rules - Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

Adherence to these rules is a guarantee the rights of patients are protected, and the results of studies - are authentic.


Modern equipment, comfortable atmosphere allows to conduct clinical trials and bioequivalence studies in a safe and comfortable environment for patients and volunteers in the hospital, as well as to outpatient care.

The "Bessalar" clinic's physicians have the highest qualification and technical support, allowing to work with best results.

In case of need of hospital treatment, we have a fully equipped wards, including the resuscitation equipment.

We conduct tests in our own laboratory. Many tests will be ready even before the medical reception ended.

"Bessalar" Clinic located in a nice place of north-west of Moscow.


"Bessalar" clinics experts have extensive experience of clinical research in different fields of medicine.

All our doctors are highly skilled and have a current certificate for the right to work in their specialty.

Employees are trained in a variety of leading Russian and international medical institutions.

Volunteers and patients

Participation "Bessalar" in the company's clinical trials is a chance to make a significant contribution to the benefit millions of people.

We operate by the common worldwide Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the protection of participants in clinical trials, as well as Standards for studies.

Participants have full information about the purpose and course of the study, the risks and benefits of participation in the study to provide information on the investigational drug, including other studies with this drug.

Independent Ethics Committee considers research documents, including all the papers to be read and to sign the participants in the study to make sure that taking all the security measures.

Participation in a clinical trial is 100% voluntary.

All fields are required.